Are you planning ahead?

We all know we will die eventually, but many of us prefer to avoid discussing it or making plans for the last phase of our life. To ensure you get the kind of care you want and have a say in your medical treatment when you become seriously ill, you need to have a plan. Compass Regional Hospice can help you by providing information on care options and can help you begin advance care planning.

The time to plan is when you are physically, emotionally and mentally able to make your own choices, before you are facing a health care crisis. Having all of your decisions written down about your end-of-life wishes helps relieve your anxiety thus making it possible to concentrate on living.

  • Five Wishes: helps you express how you want to be treated if you are seriously ill and unable too speak for your yourself. You may access a printed copy by calling Compass Regional Hospice, 443-262-4100 or you may access a copy online at

To inquire about how to begin advance care planning or for information about hospice care options,

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