The Bridges Pre-Hospice Program

Coping with a serious illness is stressful and tiring both physically and emotionally. The Bridges pre-hospice program provides non-medical supportive services and encouragement for individuals who are living with a progressing, terminal illness and may be transitioning from curative to comfort care. We recognize the need for practical, emotional and spiritual support at this challenging time for you and your loved ones.


The Bridges coordinator or a Bridges team member will identify your needs and possible community resources that may be helpful during this time. Regular visits once a week or regular phone calls by a caring volunteer focus on how you are doing and provide a listening, supportive ear during those difficult times.

Emotional Support

A life-limiting illness often brings on emotional distress, anxiety or feelings of uncertainty. The fear of loss of independence or the unknown may cause you to be overwhelmed. Sometimes it is helpful to have someone available from outside the family with whom you may discuss these feelings. Your Bridges team can help.


Bridges is a free program available to residents of Queen Anne's County who are living with a serious or terminal illness. We rely entirely on community support and individual donors to be able to offer this pre-hospice care option.

To request services

Simply call the Bridges coordinator at 443-262-4100, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to inquire about your eligibility to receive Bridges services.

Bridges is a free service provided by Hospice of Queen Anne's, made possible by the generosity of the community in which we serve.